About Me

Name: Brianna Serrano

Hometown: Kearny, NJ
Major and School/College: Architecture, Syracuse University School of Architecture

Five words that describe me are outgoing, creative, blunt, easygoing and adventurous. I am always willing to strike a conversation with a stranger. To me, being extroverted makes for finding good friends and people to make stories with you. I am an architecture major so that might reveal that I am very interested in making art that allows me to be very expressive of my thoughts and creative ideas. I find that the best way to go about life is to always get to your point. I have never been one to beat around the bush because being as transparent as possible with people leaves little room for misunderstandings, making more room for the important things in life. I try hard not to stress things that won’t matter in the long run, therefore I am particularly laid back about most things. Lastly, I have every intention to experience as many different places and experiences as I can in my lifetime. I think everyone’s primary ambition in life should be to live and that involves adventuring.

I, myself am very artistic. From a young age I found myself sketching whenever I could. As I grew older, visiting art museums and engaging with different mediums of art really captured my interest. Gallery hopping in Chelsea, NYC was a favorite hobby of mine in high school. Artists like Salvador Dali, and Alyssa Monks were people I was inspired by to do my own work. This interest in art later translated into what I chose to study in college.

Benefits of writing about the arts are gaining new perspectives and better understandings of different works. Writing eliminates any figurative translations of ideas, making the art much less subjective and clears up the arists’ original intent. Revisiting an art encounter you had through writing always helps you to further define your understanding of a piece as well. In addition, as new trends in art arise, people involved in these upcoming mediums can explain the purpose of evolution of the art so that it is properly interpreted. Publishing writing about art is also an effective way to make people more aware of existing art.